Vu and Yen holding hands, sitting on the grass beneath a sunlit canopy of a tree.

The story of

  1. To use a fancy term, they met in cyberspace

    In other words, we matched on Tinder.
    Tinder logo (a small flame) with the text It's a match inside it
  2. A month later, Vu moved to Saigon.

    While I've always wanted to move South, I could never muster enough will to do so until I met Yen. So I upend my root and got a transfer to my company's Saigon office.
    Through our online conversations, I was carried away by his witty words and imagination about a romantic Hanoi guy with the soft accent that can melt any southern girl’s heart.
  3. And they met for the first time. I guess they fell in love.

    Vu and yen smiling at each other in front of a wooden door, late autumn
    My first impression of her is that she looks quite like an astronaut from outer space (because of her big round helmet). Right then I realized that I would like to spend most of my life with her.
    Vu, the real-life version, was extremely shy and didn’t say much. But there is something in those bright eyes that convinced me behind this shyness, he is the soul that I am waiting for. I was patient, and I’m glad I did.
  4. After that are the stories of many trips to foreign lands.

    I realized it’s not that I love travelling, I love travelling with Vu. Vu is the guy who, coming back to the hotel after the whole day wandering in the rain, dries my shoes before drying his hair, just because he wants me going out with warm feet if we go out again.
  5. One day, Yen decided to go to Sweden to study

    Vu supports every decision of mine, even though some decisions could mean us temporarily living far away from each other. Before I left Vietnam, I knew Vu was sad but he never said a word that he wanted me not to go. He encouraged me that I was a strong girl and would be fine without him.
    Then comes the day in August where I had to see her off at the airport. We hugged and promised to make it work somehow.
  6. Yen started her journey to Sweden, knowing that Vu would do everything so they would be together soon.

    The next 3 months is among the longest months in our lives, separated by both time and space. My morning was her night.
    One more time, Vu didn’t let me wait for so long. 1 month after I came, he found a job in Sweden. Right when he got the decision, he booked earliest flight to Sweden.
  7. Long story short, They were back together in Novermber, Right on time for Christmas 2018.

  8. And on Christmas this year, to celebrate this special occasion, they are getting married

The beginning of Always

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Tremolo Villas, Hoa Phuong Tim Street
Ward 3, Da Lat City


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